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OllyBonE v0.1
Break-on-Execute for OllyDbg
(c)2006 Joe Stewart

You will need the OllyDbg PDK and the Windows DDK to compile from source.

Copy ollybone.dll and i386/ollybone.sys to your OllyDbg directory.

Known bugs/limitations:
Only one instance of OllyDbg may work with the driver at a time

If you have DEP enabled on XP SP2 you may get a BSOD when the target reaches 
the BoE page - for now the only workaround is to disable DEP under 

Control Panel->System->Advanced->Performance->Settings->Data Execution Prevention. 

If that doesn't work, you may need to add


to your Windows partition in boot.ini. Special thanks to Tyler Hudak 
and Danko Krajisnik for helping to debug the issues with DEP.
IE+Windows Media Player doesn't always work so well with MPEG-1 PS when trying to stream it via HTTP - try right clicking on the link and saving it to your hard drive first then play it from there. Presentation slides are in OpenDocument format, download 2.0 to read them.