Speeding up Digg in Konqueror

With the recent Digg update, I noticed that reading Digg in Konqueror had become nearly impossible. With each scroll, the page takes seconds to refresh, making it very painful to use the site. I decided to make a local copy of the Digg page to troubleshoot. Through some experimentation, I found that one GIF image was to blame - /img/main-back.gif, loaded in global.css. Apparently the 4000x600 image size doesn't play well with Konqueror. It doesn't seem unreasonable to expect Konqueror not to grind to a halt when viewing an image background that size, but I'll leave the task of debugging that to someone else. Perhaps it's the way the image is loaded by the stylesheet. I don't really care, I just want to be able to browse Digg again!

In order to work around this problem, I simply added the following line to the Konqueror adblock configuration:

Now the page scrolls about 400% faster. It's still not super-speedy, but it is usable again. Hopefully this might help someone out there who prefers to use Konqueror as their primary browser, as I do.
Jan 2. 2007 - Joe Stewart

Update: Feb 10, 2007 - Digg has changed the background image name to "page-back.gif"