My software projects

Here are some of the programs I’ve written that are available for download:


Fess (File Exploit Scanning System)
Mumsie (Malicious URL Monitor and Snort Injection Engine)
Truman (Behavioral analysis sandnet)
Foregone (Forensic file recovery tool)
Reverse Engineering Tools
MathFast (elementary level timed flashcard program) - not yet available

OllyDbg Plugins and Scripts

Analyze This! (Force analysis of non-code sections)
AttachAnyway (Anti-anti-attach PoC)
Labelmaster (Batch processing of labels/comments
OllyBonE (unpacking plugin for OllyDbg)
OllyGraph (code flowchart plugin)
OllyPerl (Perl scripting for OllyDbg)
OllyVBHelper (aids in reverse-engineering Visual Basic apps)
WaveDiff (binary difference analysis for OllyDbg (uses OllyPerl)